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  • PhD position
    Cardiac Tissue Engineering
    Main task:
    • Establishing the differentiation of human-induced pluripotent stem cells into cardiomyocytes
    • new ways for improved differentiation based on novel insights into developmental biology and
    • testing of primary cardiomyocytes in regards to generation of artifical heart tissue.

    General theme and objective: Cardiovascular disease, which may lead to heart failure, is among the world's leading causes of death with a 1-year mortality rate of over 25%. The 5-year mortality of heart failure is in the range of tumor diseases. The prognosis of acute heart failure could so far not been improved despite high investments in new therapeutic methods. It is therefore important to further investigate new treatments for heart disease. Cardiac tissue engineering combining matrices, cells and growth factors is a promising strategy to provide a functional tissue to treat heart failure patients. However, so far an ideal matrix is lacking. The goal of this project is the development of a dual-conductive, biomimetic polymer-based matrix for producing a heart tissue construct. Using this matrix, eventually transplantable heart tissue is to be generated in vitro in order to replace the diseased tissue in patients. The double-layered matrix is ​​to be designed that it mimics the anisotropic structure and mechanical properties of the native cardiac extracellular matrix and that it permits electrical conduction.

    • Diploma or Master in Biology, Chemistry , Biochemistry or Molecular medicine
    • independently conducted molecular biology , histology techniques

    Desirable qualifications: Experience with human - induced pluripotent stem cells , tissue engineering, the model organism rats and mice, DNA, RNA and Protein isolation by different methods, PCR , RT-PCR , Western blot, immunostainings , isolation and cultivation of animal cells

  • Predoctoral (Master) position on “cell cycle dynamics in trophoblast cells” in the lab of Prof. Felix B. Engel at the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen. This is a collaboration with Norman Zielke from the DKFZ/ZMBH-Alliance in Heidelberg. For details see: here